Press Release Distribution Yields More Data for Small Businesses to Address Specific Areas of Improvement

For small businesses, using resources readily available can help cut costs and take campaigns even further. Data is one such resource. With press release distribution on’s award-winning network, companies can distribute company news and develop their own insights from distribution data to see how well their message is resonating and brainstorm new ways to improve their reach.

“With press release distribution, it’s easy to see how far your message has traveled,” says Erik Rohrmann, COO at “From there, analysis helps business leaders determine areas of improvement. For example, low impression counts might indicate the need for a more compelling headline or newsworthy angle. You’ll also have a benchmark with which to measure future PR success.” offers detailed reporting and analytics with each release. With it, customers are able to develop their own insights into the geography, reach, and other metrics gained through PR distribution.

After enough data and several releases, companies can easily compare and contrast the numbers and use them to test new messaging, outreach efforts, and new announcements. Every new piece yields more data for companies to improve their accuracy with audience targeting.

With strategic press release distribution, businesses can gain valuable data and insights into the effectiveness of their message and determine the success of outreach efforts. helps CEOs and business leaders improve their targeting and reach via simple and effective press release distribution services. To learn more about how to create newfound value through press release content, visit

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